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Doente na África: parte 1 (Sick in Africa Part 1 Portuguese)

Released in 2016, this 19-minute short film starts the "Sick in Africa" series focusing on the healthcare landscape that the Yawo experience in Northern Mozambique along the Malawian border. In this story we follow Bernad, an elderly man with a mysterious illness, to see how and where he looks for help. This episode is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese (embedded above) and German. Learn more at English link available upon request.

The Gospel Among the Yawo of Africa

Prod. 2015 - The Yawo of Africa are considered an unreached people group when it comes to God's gospel message of mankind's redemption through Jesus. This 5-minute video produced in 2015 incorporates an overall view of this tribe who live mainly in Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania as seen from the perspective of numerous evangelical Christian mission workers who are most familiar with the state of evangelization among the Yawo.

Spirit Creatures Niassa's Invisible Realm

Spirit Creatures: Niassa’s Invisible Realm [A Yawo cultural documentary]

Film synopsis: Northern Mozambique’s Cyao people both revere and struggle against wildlife on a daily basis. To help them cope they regularly call on their ancestral spirits, some of whom are embodied in animals. This invisible realm called “Majini” greatly influences how people think and act. It seems to be connected to just about everything from man-eating lions and the bushmeat trade to the elephant poaching crisis sweeping across Africa today. Spirit Creatures documents Keith and Colleen Begg’s journey to gain a deeper understanding of people’s spiritual relationships with wildlife inside Mozambique’s Niassa National Reserve. They are led to an important sacred site called Chemambo where all the yellow baboons are believed to be people. Understanding local culture helps the Begg’s become more effective conservationists.

  • Official Selection, International Wildlife Film Festival, 2014, Missoula, USA
  • Winner, Best Independent Film, Green Screen Nature Festival, 2014, Eckernförde, Germany
  • Winner, Special Jury Prize, 12th Matsalu Nature Film Festival, 2014 Estonia

Seeds of Discontent

Launched October 2, 2013, "Seeds of Discontent" draws attention to the role of a Swedish investment firm, Dutch pension fund and Norwegian church endowment in land-grabbing in northern Mozambique near the city of Lichinga. The film gives a compelling visual portrait of how investment by private financial players can undermine food security and human rights in developing countries.

Music of Resistance -Massoukos Mozambique-23 Feb 09 - Part 1

Music of Resistance -Massoukos Mozambique-23 Feb 09 - Part 2

Healthcare in Mandimba

Prod. 2009 - Mozambique is rudimentary at best and is worst for rural communities who live away from the town. As well as developing the economy in the district of Mandimba, MaMA is building a 'waiting-house' for pregnant women such as Esnati.

Yawo of Niassa

Prod. 2008 - Introducing the world to the Yawo tribe of Niassa Province, Mozambique (who also live in larger numbers in Malawi and some in southern Tanzania).

Against All Odds (the Yao of Malawi)

"Against All Odds" is a documentary produced by the now-defunct Dutch NMO company about the Yao tribe of Malawi. We have added it to YouTube and this site at the request of anthropologist Dr. Alan Thorold who is featured in this film.

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